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Welcome to Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program - Our Law Home page is located at lamission.edu/law - Getting Started - Inquiry



A moodle law1-0127 law2-0167 law11-0107 law19-0170 law20-0128    
A duedates law1 law2 law11 law19 law20    
B moodle law1-0191 law1-0240 law10-0165 law12-0169 law16-0174 law17-0199 law34-0161
B duedates law1 law1 law10 law12 law16 law17 law34

*** you cannot login to your Summer 2008 - Session A  moodle class to do work until Sunday, June 8th at 6 pm. Classes end on Sunday, July 13th at 11:55 pm. You cannot login to your Summer 2008, Session B moodle class to do work until Sunday, July 13 at 6 pm.  Look at the above duedates.  Look at your syllabus and textbook for each class. 



Posting your Introduction to class, "How to Study Law", "Good Legal Writing"

The first thing to do in each class is to post your introduction, "How to Study Law" and "Good Legal Writing". We require this in each one of your online classes. If you are taking more than one online class you can use the same posting for each in each class you take. To post click on the discussion link, then click under "post your discussion here" and then click on "reply" - in lower right corner.  Feel free to comment on each others postings under the discussion forums. This is your "class participation". The discussion forums constitute 10% of your grade. Individual discussions are not graded. You will receive a "one time" grade at the end of the semester or session for your class participation.


The posting of all of your work, assignments, quizzes is done under our moodle classrooms - located at www.moodle.lamission.edu - You cannot start work for Session A in any of your online law classes until June 8th Sunday evening at 6 pm.  Please learn more about moodle by reading information at http://1moodle.pbwiki.com - Also set up an appointment with our Paralegal Tutor Kelly at 818-415-2015 or email him and you can either receive personal "one on one" tutoring  on campus or on the phone on how to navigate the moodle classroom.


Please note that all weekly assignments during each session is due on Sunday evenings at 11:55 pm (Law 2 may be different - check that class for its due dates). Please no late work.  Late work is not pemitted.


Assignments and Quizzes

To submit Assignments and if your class has Quizzes then click on the left side of your moodle class, click on "assignments" - read the instructions carefully, and click on "edit my submission", and "copy and paste" your work in the box, and click on "save changes". You can confirm whether your assignment was submitted by again clicking on the assignment and you will see your submitted work.  Quizzes may be opened, and then copied for you to study and then submit at a later date. Read moodle notes for more information. 


Important Dates

Make sure that you follow the important dates during the session. They are found at the main college website - www.lamission.edu. Our main law page is located at lamission.edu/law 


Open Enrollment into Moodle

We allow students to enroll "openly" to moodle. However, remember that you cannot take a moodle online class without first registering for the class at Mission College. If you are not enrolled at Mission, you will eventually be "locked out" of the moodle classroom, and no posted work will be counted. Please "read this" about enrollment. It is the student's responsibility to "add" or to "drop" their classes. Please make sure that you are enrolled in each online class you take for the law program under our moodle course classrooms by going to the student information system and confirming that you are registered for the class. You will receive no credit for work submitted under moodle classes if you are not registered for the class at Mission College.


Fall  2008 Classes

Look at our schedule of Fall 2008 law classes. We have both on campus, online and hybrid (on campus & Internet) classes. The Fall 2008 Session starts on 9-03 and runs until December 20, 2008. Online classes fill up very quickly in our law program so ensure your enrollment by adding the class when registration opens for the fall semester. 


Syllabus & Textbooks

You can find the Syllabus for your class at http://profj.us/currentclasses The textbooks for the class can be found at http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks

We use West Business Law 10th Edition for Law 1,2,10 and 19. Many students email about using the 9th edition as it is much cheaper. The answer is as follows: if you plan on only taking Bus. Law 1 as a transferable class, then you should probably just download (at $4.49 per chapter) the 10 or so chapters we cover in that class from Ichapters- WLB  If you take Law 1,2, 10 and 19 for the paralegal certificate, then it would be better to just purchase the entire book and use it for the four (4) classes. If you decided to use the 9th Edition, you do so at your "own risk". The quizzes in each one of the four (4) classes is based upon the 10th edition, and NOT the 9th edition. You may get differing text and answers to the law quizzes in each class, and again you do so at "your own risk". If you purchase the 10th edition from the bookstore, you can re-sell it back to them for 50% (I believe). Contact the LAMC Bookstore about their "sale back" book policy.


Costs, Duration, History, Accreditation, Classes

The program consists of 12 law classes. Each class is 3 units, and it costs $20 per unit, or $60 per class, or $720, and you pay for each class as you enroll and take it. The 12 classes normally take 12-18 months to complete. Your first few classes should be Law 1 and Law 10, and your last few classes Law 16, 17, and 34. Otherwise you can take the classes in any order. There are no prerequisites for taking our classes, nor is there an entrance exam. However, you should be an excellent reader and writer since you will undoubtedly do a large amount of reading and writing in our legal program. Upon completion of the 12 classes or 36 units you will Petition for your Paralegal Certificate and then qualify under California State Law to be a paralegal.


For almost 20 years we have been graduating paralegals since, and have graduated more than a 500 paralegals. We have a rich history and tradition.


We are accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Post-Secondary Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. The Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program Certificate has been approved by the Board of Governors of the L.A. Community Colleges (since 1987), and our curriculum is continuously updated to ensure that we are a quality paralegal program. Our program is an institutional member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAFPE)


Available Classes

Our classes run at 4 times during the year. In Fall and Spring, we have a regular 15 week semester. The Fall semester starts after Labor Day in September and runs until December. The Spring Semester starts in February and runs until June. We have two shorter sessions. We have a Winter intersession (5 weeeks - from January 2nd until the first week of February), and a Summer Session (normally two summer sessions, Session A from June 11 - July 13 and Session B from July 16 to August 17). These classes are accelerated, in that you are required to complete a full 15 week semester class in 5 weeks. It is highly recommended you only take one or two classes over the Summer Sessions. The class schedules can be found at our main website at http://lamission.edu/law


How to Enroll

To enroll in our college you can either go to http://lacolleges.net or use http://cccapply.org . Once you have filled out the Mission College Application, check the student information system - http://www.laccd.edu/student_information/sis_logon.asp within seven (7) days to see if you have been added to the system. Then you can enroll in your law classes. You can find your classes at our main webpage at http://lamission.edu/law. One way you can enroll is to use the phone. (To enroll by phone: Call the STEP system using a touch-tone telephone at the date and time of your enrollment appointment or anytime after your appointment until one day prior to the start of classes. System Hours: Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 11:00pm STEP telephone numbers: (818) 988-2222 - (213) 689-8888 - (310) 605-0505 or by adding classes through the Student Information System at http://www.laccd.edu/student_information/sis_logon.asp?campus=d.)


If you cannot enroll at the above sites, or have some technical difficulties in doing so, then print out the application at http://lamission.edu/law/collegeapp.pdf - fill it in completely, and fax it back to Prof. J. at his fax - 1-866-371-5519 along with a copy of your California Driver's License or other valid ID, and then email Prof J that you have faxed him. Upon receipt, he will walk it over to Admissions and you should receive your Student ID within 2 weeks. In the meantime, let Prof J. know which classes you need to enroll in for the semester.


Please note that you must first register for a law class, and then you can join the moodle classroom. If you do not register for the class at Mission, then you will be "un-enrolled" from the moodle classroom.


Please note that you must first register for a law class, and then you can join the moodle classroom. If you do not register for the class at Mission, then you will be "un-enrolled" from the moodle classroom. 


Contact your Online Faculty

If you have any questions contact your online faculty. They are excellent instructors and are very helpful - http://lamission.edu/law/faculty.html


Your Textbooks

You can purchase your textbooks at http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks - Not all classes have textbooks. Law 12, 13, 17 and 34 have all the materials online and no required textbooks. Law 1, 2, 10 and 19 require WBL 10th Ed. login in to duedates - at http://duedates.pbwiki.com/ . If you cannot purchase the textbook at first, and you are waiting to save up the money, you can purchase individual chapters of the textbook, one at a time, while you wait. You can order them at Ichapters- WLB


Law Dictionaries

I have found that students who use "law dictionaries" do much better in class, and understand difficult legal concepts much easier. I would recommend two, one is "hardbound" and one is online. The "hardbound" is a small pocket law dictionary, very reasonable at $10. It is Gilbert's Pocket Law Dictionary. The second is the online dictionary at Law.com - http://dictionary.law.com


Moodle Classrooms - READ ABOUT MOODLE

We started using a a new course management system called "Moodle" starting in Summer 2007. The moodle classroom is where you will submit your online course assignments and quizzes. First you need to sign up in Moodle. Go to http://moodle.lamission.edu/login/signup.php and type in a username and password, and a real email address - Please also use your real name to get credit for your work.


You may decide to not make your email avaiable to anyone (if you would like to maintain your privacy). You can do this once you have logged into moodle, under "edit profile" on the left side. We would recommend allowing other students in class to see your email so that you can form online study groups, or communicate with others in class. You can get a free email account at yahoo.com or hotmail.com just for your moodle classroom and then configure that email to forward emails to your home account. That way you only have one email account, your home email to check for emails


To complete your sign up process for moodle, you will receive a confirming email at the email address you gave, and you need to click on it to complete your registration process. Once you have registered with Moodle, then you may login and enroll in your online classes. Please make sure you are registered for the online class before joining the moodle classroom. If you are not registered for the class by the first day of class, you will be excluded from the Moodle classroom until you can get registered. If you need more information on moodle look at http://1moodle.pbwiki.com .


Please contact our Paralegal tutor - Kelly at 818-364-7600 - ext. 4129 to receive training in how to navigate your moodle classroom.


Logging in during first week of class is mandatory

It is mandatory to login to your online moodle classrooms during the first week of class. Thereafter, enrollment will be locked, and you will not be able to add yourself to the moodle classroom. You must then contact the Director of the Program, Prof J. and only after providing a valid reason for "not logging" in during the first week, will you be allowed to enter the classroom.


West Business Law 10th edition

The Paralegal Program uses the 10th edition of West Business Law for Law 1, 2, 10, and 19. Also the 10th edition of West Business Law has some nice online supplementary materials. If you cannot purchase the textbook at first, and you are waiting to save up the money, you can purchase individual chapters of the textbook, one at a time, while you wait. You can order them at Ichapters- WLB



Print out your duedates for each class - http://duedates.pbwiki.com/. We use moodle classroom management system - you first signup for moodle at http://moodle.lamission.edu/login/signup.php - then you enroll in your law class by going to http://moodle.lamission.edu - and enrolling in your law class and remember "no late work" please - http://profj.us/late More information on moodle is located at http://missionmoodle.pbwiki.com


Our main webpage is located at http://lamission.edu/law - The site index is located at http://lamission.edu/siteindex.html Your online instructor faculty information, biography, phone and email is located at http://lamission.edu/law/lawfaculty.htm.


Please note the date and time each assignment is "due". It is regularly at 11:55 pm. You cannot log on at 11:45 pm and hope to "post" your work in time, as it will time out, and not allow you to post after 11:55 pm. So be very careful to allow enough time to post your work before the 11:55 pm deadline.


Our Tutoring Progam 

Tutoring Program  - In the Fall 2005 semester, we piloted a new program - the "tutoring program" - see program guidelines at http://paralegaltutors.pbwiki.com We have an excellent team of tutors who can help you with any questions you might have. Please take advantage of contacting them. They were all excellent students in our program who graduated from our program and who have encountered all of the same problems you will face with our law materials.


Broken Links

If you find any broken links on this page or in your online classrooms, please contact Prof J. - the webmaster for the program. Please do not contact your online instructors, as Prof J. is the only one who can update the broken links. You can contact him at profjordan@gmail.com


Links outside of moodle classrooms

In an effort to provide useful information and resources, we provide links such as classwikis, podcasts, and the like. We do our best to keep these current and up to date. If you find any information out of date or links broken please contact our webmaster, me, Prof J.  Disclaimer: if any of the information, links, resources, etc. conflict with any of the assignments, and information, and links that are within our moodle classrooms, the moodle information is what you should follow and not the links outside of the moodle classroom. Any reliance of the links, information and resources outside the moodle classrooms that is in conflict with the moodle classrooms is taken at your own risk.   


Social Network (beta)

Our program has set up a Paralegal Club which you are invited to join. It is part of a new social network (beta) that we are testing at Mission College. The social network is located at http://lamcspace.pyuple.com - First join the social network at Mission, then join us in our Paralegal Club at http://paralegal.pyuple.com .  We will send job information, interesting and useful legal websites, etc. to our Paralegal Club members. So please do join.


Paralegal Court Internships

Our program has recently developed an excellent Court Internship program with the courts in Burbank, San Fernando, and Van Nuys. Please look at our new program at http://court-interns.pbwiki.com - You must have taken at least Law 11 - Civil Litigation or Law 18 - Family Law before you apply for the internship since the courts want you to have some minimal training on handling court forms both on the civil and family law side. Contact Prof J. for more information.




A note on grades: you can check your grades in moodle by clicking on "grades" on the left hand column. Also note that grades will be posted by your professor to show your progress in the class. You can be dropped from the class, without notice, if you are carrying an "F" in the class. If you are dropped, you no longer will be able to work under etudes. However, it is the student's responsibility to drop the class at the college or district level. It is not the instructor's responsibility. Some students are dropped from the moodle classroom, and think that the instructor has excluded them, and then receive an F on their transcript. If you are not going to continue in the class, do not leave it to the instructor to exclude you. Go to the student information system - http://www.profj.us/student/ - and drop yourself. This is the only way to protect yourself from not getting an F for failing to complete the class.


Improving your grades

The quizzes under Law 1, 2, 10, 19 and 13 are taken fro the West Bus. Law Textbook. The questions are formulated by the authors of the textbook, and not any of the LAMC law faculty. The quiz questions generally require application of your materials, and "critical thinking". You may find these difficult. If you receive lower scores than you are accustomed to receiving, then look at this information - http://profj.us/26w/law1/improvemc.htm on how to improve your scores. You can also contact your online tutors for suggestions. A few other ideas you can do it to get a "study partner". This is how you do that. You look under the forums, the introductions and postings on the other questions and see who you might like to partner up with. Then go to etudes messages, and click on "send email", scroll down to find the person, then email them a nice email asking them if they want to partner up. You can work on quizzes and assignments. Remember, though, on assignmets you must post, in your own language, your answers to the assignments. Do not copy your partners work. You can discuss the quiz questions and argue back and forth until you come to a better understanding of the answers, and then post the answers to the quizzes. Generally you should be spending a fair amount of time studying. If your scores and grades do not improve after increasing your efforts and time spent studying, then you will need to make changes. Contact your tutors or online instructors for ideas, suggestions and comments.



Please read the following links, print out any useful information, and set up a 3 ring binder to have "at hand" - Learn about the "moodle" online classroom at http://moodle-network.pbwiki.com.


1. read study skills at http://profj.us/studyskills/

2. read information on moodle at http://missionmoodle.pbwiki.com

3. check out these resources - http://del.icio.us/abogado

4. Read typical day in the life of an online student - http://profj.us/day/typical.htm

5. look at Profj's blog at - http://profjordan.blogspot.com/

6. look at Paralegal Jobs blog at - http://paralegaljobs.blogspot.com/

7. look at Paralegal Jobs at - http://paralegaljobs.pbwiki.com/

8. read about legal research at - http://www.profj.us/legalresearch/

9. read about legal citations - http://del.icio.us/abogado/citations

10. read how to brief a case - http://profj.us/briefingcases.htm

11. read how to study law - http://profj.us/studylaw

12. read "Good Legal Writing" - http://profj.us/glw/

13. read "How to read a Case like a Lawyer" - http://profj.us/reading.htm

14. read the Description of your classes - http://profj.us/descriptions.htm

15. read paralegal program objectives - http://www.profj.us/objectives/

16. read "No Late Work" - http://profj.us/late

17. read how to improve your quiz scores - http://profj.us/improve/

18. read the syllabus for your class - http://profj.us/syllabus/syllabuslist.htm

19. check out your textbooks - http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks/

20. Read Grading Rubric for law classes - http://profj.us/24sp/rubric.htm

21. read lecture outlines for West Bus. Law - http://www.profj.us/outlines/

22. look at powerpoint for West Bus. Law - http://profj.us/powerpoint

look at summary of law for law 1, 11, 12, 13, 16 and 19 - http://www.profj.us/summary/

23. look at law dictionary - http://dictionary.law.com/default2.asp

24. read our plagiarism policy - http://missionparalegal.com/plagiarism.htm

25. look at the paralegal certificate - http://profj.us/certificate.htm

26. look at the online paralegal certificate - http://lamission.edu/law/online/

27. look at the College webpage - http://lamission.edu

28. look at important dates - http://lamission.edu/important_dates.html

29. read Standards of Conduct for Students - http://profj.us/conduct.htm

30. Please be respectful to your instructor and other students. Please do not abuse the classroom message system when you are using it in your online class.It is a privilege and not a right.


Order your textbook - http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks/


Learn about our program

Welcome message - http://lamission.edu/law/welcome.htm

Duedates - these will be updated soon - http://duedates.pbwiki.com

where to login to your class - http://moodle.lamission.edu

1st day of class = http://profj.us/1stday

our home page - http://lamission.edu/law

where are we located: Sylmar, California - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylmar

we are part of the LACCD - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_Community_College_District

Mission College home page - http://www.lamission.edu

our site index - http://lamission.edu/law/siteindex.html

why you should choose our program - http://missionparalegal.com/whyus.htm

history - http://profj.us/audio.htm

faq's - http://www.lamission.edu/law/faq.html

how to enroll in the program - http://www.lamission.edu/application.html

about Mission College - http://www.lamission.edu/about_mission.html

about our Director - http://lamission.edu/law/jordan/bio.htm

about our accreditation -http://profj.us/accreditation.htm

about our faculty - http://lamission.edu/law/faculty.html

about our program objectives - http://www.profj.us/objectives/

about our Paralegal Program - http://del.icio.us/abogado/about-our-program

about our students - http://del.icio.us/abogado/graduates


Again welcome aboard, and nice having you as students. Email Prof. J at abogado@pacbell.net or call him on his cell phone 818-415-2015 if you have any questions.


Prof. J.

updated: 5/15/08


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